In 2020, COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdowns caused Latin America to experience the sharpest increase in extreme hunger of any region of the world. Two record-breaking hurricanes in the fall exacerbated this crisis by destroying the harvest of millions of families. Run with us in 2021, and let’s bring help and hope to families looking to restart their farms and rebuild their lives!


September 26th, 2021

Jackson Park

6401 S Stony Island Ave.

Chicago, IL 60637

9am – Saturday – October 9, 2021 

MKT Nature and Fitness Trail

Jay Dix Station Park

3725 S. Scott Blvd., Columbia, MO 65203

7:30am – Sunday – October 10, 2021 

Long Beach Convention Center

East Shoreline Drive

Long Beach, CA 90802

8am – Sunday – October 17, 2021 

Downtown DesMoines

Court Avenue & the River

DesMoines, IA 50309

I am thankful for the opportunity to run and bring awareness to help to those families that usually seeing running or walking away from their homes as their only option for a better life.

Deiby Guzman: (Elgin, IL)

I am running in support of ENLACE, as it is a great opportunity to raise awareness of, and funds for, one of the greatest humanitarian needs of our day in Central America. ENLACE has been serving in El Salvador since 1993 and has the proven ability to transform lives in local communities. In addition, as someone who has not historically been a long distance runner, training for and completing the race will serve as a significant personal achievement.

Jim Hulslander: (Cary, IL)

I’ve been a runner for as long as I can remember. I’ve completed numerous marathons, triathlons and races longer than a marathon. I’ve always wanted to use this gift to help others. When I heard of the opportunity to join the Relay Across El Salvador I was so excited. To be able to raise money for the communities and then to see these communities while running is a privilege.

Karen Wray: (Crystal Lake, IL)

How can my church get involved?

If you are a church leader, and you are looking to get your people plugged in and serving in Central America, we want to partner with you.  Our mission is to equip churches in both the U.S. and in Central America to transform their communities. We would love to come alongside you and your church in your efforts to raise up people with a heart for the world and release them for impact.

If you are interested in forming a running team at your church, reach out to Mark Haugen at

If you are interested in learning about our ministry in Central America or sending a serving team, reach out to David McGee at

I’m not a runner, how can I participate?

You may not be a runner.  You may not even be a walker.  Thankfully, previous experience is not what we are looking for on our team.  We are looking for people that see the incredible poverty and challenge facing families in Central America, and they are willing to take on the challenge of training and running on behalf of these families.  Our experience is that a motivated person with a willingness to put in the work and follow one of our training plans can run or walk to the finish line!

Are there other runners near me I can train with?

We are actively building training groups right now!  While we have a couple of groups, we are looking for leaders like you that are willing to step up and say yes to organizing and encouraging a fellow group of runners.  If you say yes, we will provide you with training guides and all of the other resources you need to succeed. If you want to say yes to this opportunity, reach out to:

South Barrington, IL contact Mark Haugen at:

Normal, IL- contact Tommy Nika at:

Columbia, MO – Contact David McGee at:

Costa Mesa, CA – Contact Christine Nolf at:

Team Stats

Tell me more about what my giving supports.

Your giving makes a life transforming impact in the lives of families in Central America.  These are families living in extreme poverty on less than one dollar a day. Your giving helps them build latrines and install clean water systems, provide loans to women starting small businesses, repair roads and bridges, build schools and health clinics, construct homes and so much more.  Your giving rebuilds communities, restores hope and helps families thrive.

Do you have training guides to help me prepare for my run?

Yes we do! We have a training and nutrition guide for endurance running, training schedules for novice and intermediate runners and specific training guides and schedules for run/walkers.  We are here to do everything we can to help you succeed and exceed your wildest goals. Please check out this link where you will find everything you need:
Chicago Half Marathon Training Schedules
Long Beach Half Marathon Training Schedules
DesMoines Half Marathon Training Schedules